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"Hope can not be your action plan"

Helping you achieve your goals every step of the way with



Are you a team or board of an organization that needs training, capacity building, or guidance in working more powerfully and effectively  together during change, innovation and problem-solving?

Through our customized training programs, using various tools and assessments, we can help teams with:

  • Creative Problem-Solving

  • Building Strong Innovation Teams using the FourSight Breakthrough Thinking Assessment 

  • Increasing Productivity & Reducing Conflict using DiSC Team/Individual Behavioural Assessments 

  • Stress and Time Management

  • Effectively Working through Change

  • Effective Decision-Making & Critical Thinking for the Workplace


Are you a motivated Executive or Manager in an organization and need help ramping up your leadership or management game?  

Do you lead an organization that is going through change, needs help innovating or finding strategic direction and vision?

Through our Leadership Coaching, we can help you boost your 'Leadership Game' around:


  • Productivity and Personal Effectiveness

  • Goal-Setting

  • Effective Communicating​ & Dealing with Conflict

  • Strategic Thinking & Planning

  • Managing Teams​ Effectively

  • Leadership with EI

  • Influencing Upward

  • Guiding your Team through Change 

  • Supporting a Culture of Innovation 

  • Creating Shared Vision


Are you a business owner that wants clarity in your business and guidance/mentoring/coaching to overcome the challenges that are preventing you from becoming an industry leader?

With our business coaching and consulting, we can help with:

  • Mission, Vision and Goal Setting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Gap Assessment across Business Areas

  • Understanding How You Impact Your Business

  • Priority-Setting

  • Time Management

  • Client Service Experience

  • Employee Management

  • Dealing with Conflict

  • Action: Getting It Done

  • Design Thinking for Service or Product Innovation

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