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I am a passionate and dynamic trainer, consultant, and coach in Leadership, Business and Executive Skills, with over 22 years experience facilitating professional development and building individual and organizational capacity.

Through my work I live a passion for helping motivated leaders, teams and organizations become life-long learners and sustainable learning organizations. Using a customized approach for each client, I facilitate assessments, guide vision- and goal-setting, as well as provide clarity, tools, and strategies with the goal of maximizing leaders’ ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ game and helping teams work more effectively.

I have brought my expertise in communications, public speaking, partnership building, negotiation, change management and strategic planning to previous positions with a number of provincial and national-level organizations in where I have held management and executive positions, including for the Library of Parliament Professional Development Outreach Program, FairVote Canada National Board (president), the BC Social Studies Teachers Association Executive (vice-president).


I hold two degrees in Social Sciences and Education from the University of British Columbia, am certified in the FourSight Breakthrough Thinking assessment for innovative problem-solving, and hold an MIT Sloan School of Management Emeritus Certificate in Design Thinking.  Of European background, I speak five languages, and having spent many years living & studying abroad, I bring the value of a global perspective on problem-solving to my client work. 

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